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I have never had a cell phone, noclue. When I signed up for my Zoho Mail account, the dinosaurs were still roaming the earth, and no mobile number was required. (Oh, those were "exciting" days, let me assure you.)

From what I read on the Zoho Mail site just now, a mobile number is required to receive a confirmation code during the registration process. After an account is opened, a mobile number is no longer necessary. I know that because my Zoho Mail account has been working for many years even though I have had no cell phone, as I said.

Do you have a friend or family member with a cell phone who can be with you when you register for a Zoho Mail account? If so, the problem is solved. (After your account is opened, you can choose never to speak to that friend or family member again. In fact, I urge you to become estranged from that person. Just kidding!)
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