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Originally Posted by Terry View Post
There is no email from Fastmail now advising what your old sieve script was or has been changed.
The current rules page with the new method for adding user sieve was in beta 14 months ago, and became a standard feature on about March 1, 2016. When this change occurred Fastmail automatically tried to migrate any existing custom sieve to the new system.
  • In the old rules system (before March, 2016) you could use a completely custom manual sieve script or the rules system (which automatically created sieve code). When you reverted back to the normal rules system your custom sieve script was discarded, so Fastmail automatically sent you an email containing your old sieve code.
  • There was a different system available on beta for several years before that date which allowed a mixture of custom sieve and normal rules, but it was not easy to use.
  • After about March 1, 2016, there is no way to delete your custom sieve code with one button. You always have a mixture of rules and custom sieve (if you choose to add the sieve manually). So that old sieve email feature is no longer needed.
  • If you want to save a copy of all of the sieve (your manual sieve and the automatically generated sieve from your spam filter, rules, and a few other features), just use the Copy To Clipboard button at the top of the sieve editing page and paste the sieve into Notepad or some other text editor. This will save all sieve steps (automatic and manual).
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