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The "e" in e-mail
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Originally Posted by noclue View Post
That will be an adventure for me, Berenburger. I am not clever with these kinds of things! As I understand it, I am to essentially delete my newsletters folders (some of which are still active; the ones I still get are the old ones, before whatever happened to FM), create a new folder with the "subscribe......" fastmail address, and then notify all of the newsletters I subscribe to of my new address. Is that correct?
There should be no need to delete anything. Also, initially, I would not bother creating any new folders. Just, as support recommended, use the email address they specified for your newsletters. If all goes well, I would assume they will start to arrive in your Inbox. Once you confirm they are being sent and received, you can see about setting up folders and filing Rules (to stop them clogging up the Inbox) but that can wait.
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