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Thumbs up Excellent Not-Free eMail service

I divide email services into two groups; Free and Not-Free. For Free Gmail is my choice and I really like them but I have this fear/concern I might have some problem and get locked out of the account and *Free* means very limited (or none) Support.

So I also have a Not-Free service and my choice is Fastmail. I've had reason to contact their Support several times and it's been excellent. All (most) of my important email goes thru them.

I like Fastmail so much why isn't it my Only email service? Good question...

Answers: For starters if you really use and rely on email then I think you are foolish to only have one email service. If nothing else multiple services mean they can back each other up; they can be the recovery addresses for your other service(s).

The other reason I can't let go of Gmail is I MUCH prefer their use of Labels instead of Folders (like Fastmail uses). If you really try to categorize your emails then I often find an email that seems to fall into multiple categories. With Fastmail I can only choose a single folder but with Gmail I can assign multiple labels. This greatly improves my ability to search for it later and find it. I really hope Fastmail adds Labels some day.

I didn't mean for this to become a pitch for Gmail. It is good but so is Fastmail. You get what you pay for and with Fastmail the subscription fee also buys me peace of mind, I'm an extremely satisfied user and I recommend Fastmail anytime I can provided the user is willing to pay for service.

Cheers... Russ
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