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Originally Posted by noclue View Post
...I phoned one of the organizations to see if they could tell me what they were seeing on their end. They told me that they were getting "bad address" notifications -- whatever that means...
Without more details (such as the error code number) it's hard to say. It could be:
  • The newsletters may be using the wrong address. For example, they might be sending to a address while your account might be at the domain. Or the username (part to the left of the @) might be in error.
  • The address might be malformed. For example, your address can't be "".
Originally Posted by noclue View Post
...How do I go about contacting support? I haven't done that before. Thanks for helping me out.
If you have a paid account (not a Guest or Member account) you just go to, click Support at the top, and then click the contact our support team link.

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