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Originally Posted by gardenweed View Post
Yeah that's why I asked the question. I don't understand clearly what these posts mean to me.

The printed OTP that I use, I understand are timed. I think maybe 1 or 2 hour sessions.
So are these actually the TOTP's being referred to and will remain?
If not, what are the existing TOTP's being referred to?
There are several login methods that are timed, not just the paper tokens one.

TOTP, if I understand correctly, refers to the Google Authenticator method (and similar apps) that's been mentioned.

I think the paper sheet method that you use (and I used to use) is one of the methods being removed with the new security scheme.

But maybe I'm wrong on that. If so, I can print out a new sheet once we're on the new login system. Or I may bail, as I rarely used it.
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