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Webmail is the real weakness

Some of us are smart enough NOT to use a smartphone. Instead we have a throwaway dumbphone -- lose it, a few minutes work to buy a new one + new phone card+ type in 20-30 phone numbers. We also use secure emailers, like The Bat Professional which can encrypt everything, and Voyager which has compulsory encryption. Others install their emailer on a Secure Disk. Phones are easier to lose than money therefore I cannot understand why they become the key piece in security.

I have found two step authentication to fail because of roaming problems with phones.

So, the only consolation is that the changes will be optional. I hope they will ALWAYS be optional.

In my view, Webmail is the real problem. I notice that Paypal now requires confirmation when you change the computer/browser. A pain, but it makes sense.
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