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The Fastmail account service levels being discussed are Guest and Member. You can see these in the Account>Account Status>Service level field. Inventing other names for these accounts confuses forum readers. These service levels were created 11 years ago, and if you search EMD forums you can see that Fastmail considered offering lifetime accounts but did not.

The Member account was set up with a one-time fee as a way for users to get familiar with Fastmail before upgrading to a yearly subscription account with more features. The Member fee was applied to the first yearly subscription fee when you upgraded. The initial Member fee proved to be too low, and it was increased to $14.95.

The Guest account was a later attempt to get new users familiar with the service using limited advertising. As you can see by reading the old forum posts, these accounts were intended as steppingstones to Full and Enhanced subscription accounts. It's amazing that Fastmail has still grandfathered these old accounts after more than 10 years!

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