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Originally Posted by ReuvenNY View Post
I never put INBOX in the "IMAP Server Directory" field - I leave it blank and have no problems...
I've used it both ways without problem either.

For example, I just recreated an account in TB for my guest FM account with no root folder prefix, and then changed it. It worked fine with or without the prefix. It just appears differently, and depending on how you like it to appear, you can decide to use the prefix or not. I prefer the 'with prefix' appearance of the left pane.

with INBOX. prefix
subscribe dialog and left pane

without prefix
subscribe dialog and left pane

And you can easily change back and forth, just collapsing and expanding the account tree in the left pane causes the folders to be reorganized.

I think the problem comes in when creating the subfolders of the inbox, which generates the INBOX.inbox folders. Perhaps this confuses the clients and makes this auto-reorganization difficult or not possible, and also confuses the subscription process when 'refreshing' the subscription.

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