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Default sort order changed to received date

I've now rolled out the change to the default sort order in the web interface.

Previously we were always sorting by the "Sent date", which is the date that appears in the "Date" header of emails. We're now sorting by "Received date", which is the date the message was actually delivered into our IMAP store. The only exception is the Sent Items folder, which uses the Sent time (Date header) by default.

You can also change the default sort used on the Folders screen now, there's an extra "Def Sort" column with 4 options: Recv, Recv (reverse), Sent, Sent (reverse) should you want the old behaviour.

The reasons for this change are:

1. Almost all IMAP clients (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc) use the received date for sorting by default, so there were times when the web interface and users email clients were showing inconsistent message lists causing people confusion
2. If you sort by sent date, then if an email is delayed for some reason in transit (eg slow forwarding server, held in a POP store for a while before being retrieved), then when it arrives it may be sorted below other emails that were received in the meantime. This might cause people to miss the email.
3. Similarly, some clients/systems with a bad clock may send an email with a date far in the past/future, again causing the email to be stuck at the top/bottom of the message list
4. Because of the way the imap server works, sorting by received date only requires accessing the the servers "index" file and not the larger "cache" file. This should make switching between large folders in the web interface noticeably quicker.

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