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Originally Posted by ChinaLamb View Post
My ISP here in Asia is blacklisted as a spammer.

When I send out mail, my own machine's IP address (Given by the isp) is listed in the email, and is caught by spam checking software. Even though my SMTP server is Fastmail's...

By association, my emails are listed as spam.

How can I keep from being blacklisted by association with a bad ISP?CL
I don't think you can, except by following Rob's suggestion of using the web interface so that your own IP address is not buried in the headers.

This problem results from what to my mind is a very unfortunate position taken by some (all?) of these blacklists. When they blacklist a dynamic IP address, or a block of addresses, or essentially a whole ISP, they are hoping that that the innocent users they are hurting will take action against the ISP to force it to better police its addresses from the spammers. I don't know whether this actually ever succeeds (anyone have some success stories?), but it can definitely hurt those who can't really defend themselves. Isn't this sort of like imposing severe economic sanctions against a country hoping that the unarmed population will rise up and overthrow the undesirables running it?
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