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You're probably going to have to be a little more clear about exactly what it is you want to do in order for anyone to offer you much useful help. First of all, a "post" isn't generally considered the same thing as an email message (or vice versa). That's why CyberSmurf wasn't sure if you were referring to email messages or posts to this forum.

But to attempt to draw an inference from your somewhat "sketchy" question, are you wanting to have any new messages which are sent to your old email address automatically forwarded to your new address, or somehow automatically moved to your new address as they arrive? If that's what you mean, we'll probably need to know which service(s) both your old and new addresses are with in order to try to give you any useful information, since not all services provide the same features.

Otherwse, if this isn't what you're trying to do, I guess you'll have to clarify it somewhat better.
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