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Originally posted by nbarr
Yes, Interesting. Thanks for the link.
The trainable (via IMAP) spam filter is nice.

Whois info on indicates it's fairly new:
Record last updated on: 2006-10-21 15:53:50
Record expires on: 2007-10-04 11:46:26

edit: Sqwebmail is not Squirrelmail
No, not squirrel. I hate PHP.
Sqwebmail has some minor bugs, but it's the nicest/smallest/fastest/most compatible thing i have found.

And PUBBOX is new, but not that new:
It started in December 2005, which can not
be seen in the whois, because of an update.

Most Basic functions like SMTP, IMAP were online in January,
i guess. The first webmail (CAMAS) was then deployed in March,
and was then replaced by Sqwebmail 5 months later.
Anyway CAMAS remains available, for those who prefer it, or
have problems with Sqwebmail, which is unlikely.

PUBBOX is traditional by all means. Services once switched on remain as long as possible.

The spam-filter is good so far, and will improve when going
towards CRM114, which is not an easy task to switch to, so
this takes time.

False Positive did not occur so far, and are not likely to happen.
Even forwarded spam messages are qualifed as "unsure". Comes
in handy when users want to exchange spam messages for analysis purposes...except for image attachements, i am a bit more aggressive there.

And yes, SMTP via SSL will be enabled soon.
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