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Thanks for the additional research & comment, feklee. I'm still playing around with squeet, r-mail, and feedblitz -- none of which format posts/mail the way I'd like. I'm considering installing rss2email like you did.

My other complaint is with some feeds (most obvious in feedburner) that truncate posts so you'll click through to the site (not that I blame the feed's author for setting it up this way.)

It's been a cool experiment -- and a decent way to play around with some free email accounts. Right now I have the email sent to gmail, then forwarded to an AOL account. Gmail makes it easy to search and file the posts, while the AOL imap makes it easy to save any posts (and copy to Fastmail for reference) but does not filter the mail to different folders to make it useful. I originally sent some mail to fastmail, then decided "why waste storage and bandwidth when AOL is giving it away?"

It will indeed be great when email, rss, IM, etc are nice interchangeable feeds.
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