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Question RSS -> Email?

I'd like to subscribe to RSS feeds and have the *individual* posts delivered to
my Fastmail inbox. As Fastmail doesn't seem to offer RSS feed subscription, I
want to make use of an external service. But which one?

Some that I've checked out heard about:[list][*] Yahoo Mail: Subscribing to RSS seems to be possible. However, to get the
emails into my Fastmail account, I'd have to buy a premium Yahoo Mail
subscription because otherwise pop access or mail forwarding isn't available.
That'd be OK, *if* the service is good. Has anyone tested it? Is it
possible to get *one* RSS post as *one* email message? Is it possible to
download these messages via POP, or are they stored in a separate folder
that's inaccessible by POP?
[*] Gmail: I heard that they have added an RSS subscription feature this year.
Anyone: Does this feature allow conversion of each RSS post into *one* email
that can be downloaded using POP?
[*],, While simple to use, these services
all seem to have two big disadvantages:
  1. They tend to collect multiple RSS posts into each email.
  2. After subscribing to an RSS feed, one only gets new posts. However, after
    subscribing to a feed, I want to get all old messages as well, each in an
    individual email.[/list=1]
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