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Whoops, first made this a new thread and then realized that there was a dedicated sticky. Oh well.

Hehe, go Fastmail! I finally realized how important that "fast" part of fastmail is to me when I went and tried to log on to myrealbox on my old 56k softmodem that doesn't work too well (read: 28.8 kbps connects). Well, it takes forever to load. I also found that their images aren't cached locally for some reason, so every time I go to a different page it reloads the images. So, the mostly text/form based interface of Fastmail came through very nicely, so as soon as I can scrounge up enough money for the $15 registration fee, I'll be enrolling as a standard member Until then, I'm going to make the slow transition away from myrealbox (and hopefully this will be the *last* mail transition).

Keep up the good work guys.

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