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Hi, all:

I just wanted to join the chorus as a new and VERY satisfied FastMail member! I signed up for a Guest account last week (Wed., I think), and after one day, decided to upgrade to Member. The single feature that sold me (though there are plenty more to love, and I'm discovering new ones daily) was the subdomain. I've gone in and changed all of my mailing lists to use my subdomain, with a different prefix for each one, and when I give my email address to a website, I do the same thing. Now, if someone sells my email address, I can tell who did it, and I can cut off any email to that address which doesn't come from the source I initially gave it to. The ability to use IMAP at home, and web access elsewhere, is incredible; I never knew what I was missing as an Amexmail "customer". To think that if they hadn't decided to start asking for $30/year, I might never have discovered FastMail!

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