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Talking Runbox is sweet

I am surprised to see no runbox testimonials in last few weeks or so...hence adding mine

If you are looking for all basic features (POP/IMAP/WEB/Mobile/SPAM/AV) and ready to pay some price then its really a good service you should think seriously.

One more feature which I found useful is auto mail retrival from services like hotmail most of the users will have at least one account on is very useful in consolidating your emails in one single inbox

I am using it for a month or two now and I found it very reliable or I would say most reliable in comparision with non-big email providers. I consider reliability as single most important criteria for any communication service (from phones to emails) and runbox is pretty good in that.

Runbox also offers, 100 MB File storage but I have never used this feature till now. My suggestion would be allowing this space to use for creating websites...In this way runbox can become single shop for all the needs of personal users setting up personal sites, email etc

Specific to Web Interface, I found it very simple, fast and probably cleanest interface (exception Google and Rediffmail).

There are some problems some time as they are with any service proider but runbox staff is always ready to respond and reply promptly if you contact in their office hrs...else there is an understandable delay of around 24 hrs max

Just a suggestion at the end with competion hotting up with expected entry of gmail in public and change in policies and offereings of email giants like yahoo/hotmail...more competetive pricing might be more effective

Keeping faith in good people at Runbox and its future, I have regitered for 3 yrs
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