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Fastmail is just amazing. About 6 months ago, I started looking for an email replacement to defunct Visto. I looked for months and months, and couldn't find anything worth subscribing to. Even for free. On Hotmail, I was receiving 99% spam. Yahoo itself looks like a spam page ; most have a tiny storage...
I had a long list of features I required from an email provider, but none of them reached 20% of my requirements .

Then, I found Fastmail.
Almost all my requirements were filled, and the only ones missing where on their way (I want DAV!!!).
I immediately subscribed as a guest account, to give it a try. The 'try' didn't last long... I became addicted! Needless to say, I soon upgraded to an enhanced account.
The automatic spam filters get rid of virtually all spam, and Fastmail has the richest rule engine I know of for a web mail: you can write your own scripts!

Over the 2 or so months I’ve been using it, I can say I have been impressed by the performance and possibilities: opening Fastmail and checking a couple emails is for me faster than opening Outlook… And the Fastmail team keeps on giving us new features all the time … I particularly love the rules and the new anti-spam and anti-virus features!

All in all, with Fastmail, you get your mail, all your mail, and nothing but your mail!
This is the first web service I have paid for in about 8 years of internet use, but I’m glad I did!

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