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Thanks for an excellent set of instructions. I've dodged spam thus far but I think I will start building up my whitelist just in case.

Along those lines I'm wondering whether there is an easy way to add a lot of addresses to the whitelist. I'd love to be able totake my contact manager software, dump out a file of all the email addresses and add them to my whitelist. Doing so I'd have 99% of my wanted email already flagged for whitelist.

I tried using the RBTB2 and entering multiple addresses in the input field, separated by spaces, commas or semicolons but could only get it to work with one at a time. Is that the way it works?

Along similar lines, I know your toolbar has an excellent tool for mass-uploading to one's address book . . . does being in the address book make a contact automatically count as whitelisted?

If not, then can I respectfully suggest to the Runbox team (or the Toolbar "team" ;-) a mechanism for mass uploading of whitelist names?

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