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Can anyone jump in?

Well, I'm fairly new to Runbox compared to some here. I made an account back in November 2002 after searching through countless email addresses to find one that could send big file attachments. I found Runbox and it sent the files I needed to, didn't cut out once, and was fast considering I run on a 56K modem and the files I wanted to send were huge! I wish I could have paid for an account then, but I wasn't in a situation to...

Fortunately for me, Files were created and Runbox sent me an email to get another month's free trial. Could I possibly refuse? So, in July 2003 I was back with Runbox again, pleasantly surprised that my username was intact after all that time.

Thankfully I was in a position to join then and I chose the 3 year plan. I don't regret it one bit - worth every single penny (or should that be cent? ). Runbox immediately took over as my main email account and I use it for just about everything. And, after all this time, I have received next to no spam unlike all my free accounts that are getting clogged up. It's such a change to go from 2Mb to 100Mb, or, in my case, 300Mb. It's amazing - I have over 500 emails (some quite large) and I've only just passed 10% of my quota.

Runbox has been invaluable to me so far. The support team are excellent, and quick to sort out any errors that crop up. I've found them to be very helpful when I've needed them, and extremely friendly. It's nice to feel that the team actually care about their members and listen to what we have to say - it's getting rare in today's modern business world, but I wouldn't have it any other way with Runbox. We, as subscribers to their service, feel like we can ask questions and make suggestions and we won't be ignored. I know that it makes me feel easier knowing that if I have a problem with Runbox I can come to the forums and talk about it; none of my other email accounts give me that sense of security.

I love the webmail interface too. Unlike other domains, it's not overcrowded with adverts (because Runbox are ad free ) or graphics that would slow down loading. It's simple, neat, tidy, minimalistic but it still contains everything needed in a sturdy webmail account.

Better still, I can check my account anywhere in the world! Before I found myself having to download all my emails to a client, such as Outlook Express. With only a few Mb's of storage my email account, before getting Runbox, just couldn't handle all the emails I wished to keep so I had no option but to put them on OE. This was fine for checking emails offline, but unfortunately my computer, at the time, ended up wiping all of my emails. And there they were lost...

However, I no longer have that problem anymore. Using IMAP I can store my emails both on OE (for offline work) and Runbox webmail for online. Several months ago I found myself in a situation where I was away from my usual computer for a number of days, but when I could get to a computer all of my emails were still available within my webmail.

Certainly though, my favourite features have to be retrieval and WAP. Firstly, I find it much easier to retrieve emails from several different accounts (such as Hotmail, Lycos UK, etc.) straight to my Runbox instead of checking each account individually. My Runbox can take so many emails, I haven't worried about Hotmail becoming over burdened since I joined (often Hotmail would go over the limit and I would be disallowed from sending or receiving mail until I could rectify the situation).

And WAP... I had never had a real reason to use WAP on my mobiles until Runbox. I now find it something I use often, especially when I am unable to check emails through the Internet conventionally. I have had many an important email through WAP that I was so glad to have been able to check before I went online. What a fantastic feature!

So there you have it. The reasons I love Runbox. Sorry my post is so long, but I have a lot of good things to say about my favourite email account!
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