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fastmail and those nasty pif things

I'm one of those people who uses the group systems on the major networks to run and moderate a few groups of varying sizes.
My group mail is split unevenly between fm and a yahoo box...90% to fm, 10% to yahoo.
During the recent w32 sobig plagues, i received over 300 unsolicited 100kb virus pifs in the yahoo box in one week.
It kept me quite busy killing them(to stop my mailbox going into bounce status and de-activating my memberships)
In my fm mailbox in the same period , only one of the blighters got through.
I dread to think what would have happened to my bw allowance if nine times 300 times 100kb had landed there in a week. 270meg, if your math is slow.
Fortunately there seems to be an awareness of spamvirusing techniques at fastmail central, which kills the offending mails ( at router level maybe ?), leaving me free to deal with only the genuine stuff that floods in.
For that, i am eternally grateful.
The bounce button and all the other crafty little gizmos are the icing on the cake...and the speed is truly awesome, even on my crabby diallup connex. Almost fast enough to chat in realtime lol
I recommend it to everyone i meet who has a high volume of incoming mail, because it just makes communicating a whole lot easier when something works properly...all of the time.
Power grid collapses notwithstanding, of course

Best mailbox i've ever had, by a country mile
Thank you

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