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agfkl 29 Sep 2017 11:59 PM

Saving email addresses as contacts
If I open an email, and then "reply all," I see all the contacts to whom the email will go to.
If I hover my mouse over the address, then the contact detail pops up. Then, if I hover over the contact detail at the bottom of the "card" there is a link to "contact info", which links to seeing the persons details in the Contacts page.
Sometimes when I click on the "contact info" link it immediately saves the details directly to My Contacts...which is what I am trying to do! This is much quicker than opening the contact up, and then having to Save To My Contacts, and then having to go back into the mail page again, and "reply all" again to find the next address that I want to save.
I am trying to save 100s of addresses so if there is a way to make sure that it always simply saves the details into my contacts rather than going through the laborious cycle, then that is what I'm looking for!
Or is there any other way of doing this...saving email addresses to contacts? (I tried dragging/dropping, but no result!)

Killer 11 Oct 2017 01:22 PM

On the right there is a drop down option. In there you can reply, forward.... One of the option there is Add sender to contact list.

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