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petergh 31 Jan 2019 12:05 AM

Google One Support Experience(s)
First, for a little background, and for anyone who doesn't know what Google One is, follow this link to find out what Google One is all about:

I've entrusted Google to keep many of my digital assets safe, including documents, photographs, email, appointments, contacts, and just about everything else I have on my computer. I've tried (almost) every service that tries to compete with Google, including many paid services, but nothing today meets or beats the services Google provides in my view. That's not to say I'm a great fan of their business model, but that's a subject for another thread.

Since I already entrust Google with so much important data, it has been nagging me for years that they have no official support channel other than their product forums which have proven woefully inadequate (as most forums do) when the s*** hits the fan. Best case, you get a hold of one the forum regulars with access to Google employees who will pass on your request. In most cases, you are on your own.

That's why one of the main selling points that brought me to sign up for Google One was the official, human support they offer for all products and all Google One plans. Support channels include email, chat, or phone 24/7, all in numerous languages.

I contacted their support yesterday via chat, and I'm pleased to say that they were both quick to respond (less than two minutes waiting time), courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. After the chat session ended, a summary of the conversation written by the support representative I talked to was sent to me by email. All in all a very pleasant support experience, and even better than the support experiences I've had with G Suite representatives.

Anyone else here have experience with Google One support?

TenFour 31 Jan 2019 08:23 PM

I am interested in this too. I don't currently use One, but have been tempted to do so just for the potential of receiving actual customer service if something goes wrong, which it inevitably will at the worst time. Just yesterday I had a fair bit of back and forth with G Suite cs via email and on the phone trying to resolve some issues at work and found the people friendly, communicative, and unfortunately useless so far. I will probably be back in touch with them today in order to figure out what is going on. Frankly, I think all tech companies would improve their products 100% if they just hired English majors to write and organize their Help documents and online information. I find that a high percentage of the time the Help information is difficult to understand, is inaccurate, and is incomplete. Not having any sort of real customer service is huge negative for Google's consumer free products.

FredOnline 1 Feb 2019 03:25 AM

Does Google One offer any better upload speeds compared to the ordinary Drive account?

petergh 1 Feb 2019 04:28 AM

I doubt it. It's not something they claim is better with Google one, only added drive storage.

TenFour 2 Feb 2019 08:36 AM

Battled another several rounds with Google cs today and they promise me that in a "day or two" my G Suite will be working properly. We will see, but the people I spoke to were very friendly, polite, and trying to be helpful. I think one woman sounded like she was really working on the issue, so I am somewhat hopeful. In any case, this reminds me of how important customer service is to any product, particularly one like email and office software that can be the difference between getting work done and nothing ...And, it again points out how horrible most Help information is: incomplete, incomprehensible, and incorrect.

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