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pgonzalez 6 Aug 2014 03:04 PM

Runbox first impressions..

I just started using runbox and so far, and I'm sort of happy with my decision to sign up for this service.. Well here's my 1st impressions:

I've only been using RB webmail and what I don't like is that Drafts is the first mailbox folder listed and I cannot seem to reorder the default folders so that Inbox is first. I tried to reorder in Folder Management but it only seems to try to nest folders when I try to drag and drop up the Inbox above Drafts. Anyone know how?

I sent some emails to my RB address and waited for over 5 min for my test emails to show in webmail inbox count did not change.. So I'm disappointed that it seems I need to manually hit Refresh in webmail to view new arriving email. Anyone know how to setup auto checking for email?

Lastly, the webmail preferences seems to be lacking options; just name, date format, some message display options and that's basically it (I'm came from using squirrel mail so I was expecting options). I know that last point lacks specifics, I but I'll bring my them up in another post(Brain is shutting down now..)



William9 7 Aug 2014 12:22 AM

Have you tried The folder list there can display inbox first.

pgonzalez 7 Aug 2014 02:12 AM


Originally Posted by William9 (Post 574783)
Have you tried The folder list there can display inbox first.

Hi William9, brilliant suggestion! - this resolved my issues posted here and I like the UI of roundbox at 1st impression.

Thank you!

Feeling a bit better now..

dbowdley 7 Aug 2014 03:49 AM


Originally Posted by adamlau (Post 574778)
RB headers reveal the actual account name for aliased mail. The lack of IP masking is also bothersome.

Runbox headers do not reveal the main account username for mail sent from an alias when using the webmail or via SMTP. If you mean the real name of the person, then this is customisable in the webmail interface and in email clients.

The IP address is removed when sending via webmail.

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