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benwitz 25 Mar 2009 08:31 AM

Problem with compose window in HTML mode

With the new interface, I am having problems in the compose view. Even with the window maximized, the actual edit area of the compose window is only about 20% of the left side of the window. On my work computer, the compose area is expanded to fit the entire window. Makes my text look very narrow and compressed. Any ideas?

Sherry 25 Mar 2009 11:20 AM

Hi benwitz,

On the old UI there is two little arrows going this way >> or this way << at the bottom right corner of that little narrow compose window . I don't see those on the new UI but if you do you could try clicking on them and see if that helps?

Also, Welcome to the EMD Forums :)


benwitz 25 Mar 2009 09:01 PM

Compose Problem
I think I have it figured out. I upgraded to IE8 a couple weeks ago. I tried using another browser and it works just fine. Also, IE at my work computer is not the new version. I'm guessing it's something within IE8 causing the window to behave oddly.

Sherry 26 Mar 2009 02:50 AM

Glad you got it solved. :)
I believe I remember FM posted on the Wiki that they are not fixing bugs for IE8 until it comes out of Beta (if it's still in beta?). Although some bugs may be worth fixing as they may be the type that won't change again on the beta?


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