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somdcomputerguy 4 Jul 2016 07:38 AM


Originally Posted by walesrob (Post 594828)
Bruce, I just sent my pic to be included in the wall of shame :eek:

Rob, I just added your picture.


Originally Posted by David (Post 594830)
Your link did not work for me Bruce. That said, your website is super :)

David, I fixed the link in my original post, but I can't edit the quotes.Thanks for the kind words too.

- Bruce

Berenburger 4 Jul 2016 07:55 AM

Just took a look since a long time and saw many are left in silence... :(

n5bb 4 Jul 2016 01:06 PM

Bruce, I just sent you a photo. Hopefully my face is large enough in that "action" shot from last weekend. I didn't start growing the beard until 6 months ago, and I'm keeping it trimmed at the length shown.

I have been around computers a long time, many years before email was available. My first computer programming was on a Olivetti P101 (Programma 101) while I was in high school in about 1969, followed a couple of years later by Teletype and punched card access to the University of Texas CDC6400 mainframe computer. I was sending Amateur Radio messages (using Morse Code and FSK with a mechanical Model 15 Teletype machine) in the early 1970's, and these were essentially early forms of email. By 1980 I was using my second personal computer (a Zenith Z89), a couple of years before the IBM PC was introduced. In the early 1980's I was a member of SAHUG (San Antonio TX Heathkit User group) and we had a BBS (which was another predecessor to email). Around 1980-1982 I helped maintain the GTE Telenet (early packet switched network) terminal in Austin, TX. In the mid-1980's I had a Western Union EasyLInk account (an early electronic mail system before the Internet):


Webgenie 4 Jul 2016 01:39 PM

Time for an update
Just sent you a new pic too, Bruce. Thanks!

somdcomputerguy 4 Jul 2016 01:46 PM

Just added your pic to the 'EMD member gallery', Bill. It is just great to tie faces to names. I've had an 'official computer relationship' since the mid 80's, and for 4 or 5 years ran a BBS (RBBS) starting in the late 80's. At the time I was an 'advanced' computerguy, I used a 2400 baud modem instead of a 300 or 1200, but I thought 9600's were just a 'fad' and weren't too necessary yet..:eek:


somdcomputerguy 4 Jul 2016 02:01 PM

Updated, webgenie!

- Bruce

Webgenie 4 Jul 2016 02:11 PM

Thank you! It is great to have that collection.

joe_devore 25 Jun 2017 09:14 AM

email w/ pic sent.

somdcomputerguy 25 Jun 2017 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by joe_devore (Post 602497)
email w/ pic sent.

Consider yourself added!

- Bruce

joe_devore 25 Jun 2017 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by somdcomputerguy (Post 602498)
Consider yourself added!

- Bruce

ok, Huwayy! lol

Confirmed upload to the EMD pic archive..

evilquoll 25 Jun 2017 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by ROBERT.BAK (Post 552611)
Amazing to think that the photo of me ([email protected]) was taken (in a photo booth in the Allders of Croydon Arcade) nearly 12 years ago! :eek: :rolleyes: ;) Maybe it's time to post an updated pic? :D

And since Allders of Croydon (and the arcade that ran through it) are now long gone (I think they went bust in 2012, or not long after), that really shows the age of that pic! :eek:;)

I have uploaded a more recent (2015) pic to my FM file storage, and will be submitting it, but even that one is a bit out of date, since my hair is now thinner and lighter; my current crew cut makes me look like Skin'ead O'Connor. :D

somdcomputerguy 26 Jun 2017 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by evilquoll (Post 602513)
.. and will be submitting it,

I have updated the original picture (so new picture, original userID),
although the picture comment contains links to both original and new
(evilquoll) profiles.

- Bruce

janusz 26 Jun 2017 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by evilquoll (Post 602513)
Allders of Croydon went bust in 2012

In September 2012, to be more precise....

tasukilee 18 Dec 2017 10:26 PM

good job, thank for your post :p

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