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Grhm 6 Nov 2017 08:59 AM

Rules for sent messages?
I can see how to set up rules that file incoming mail into particular folders depending on sender, recipient, content, etc., but I can't see any way to do the same with copies of outgoing mail.
It possible to do this?

gardenweed 6 Nov 2017 05:29 PM

By using Identities, you can direct sent mail to be saved in a specific folder.
You need to set up at least one Identity for each automatic folder filing method you need.

You must click "Show advanced preferences" when creating (or editing) an Identity in order to be able to select the folder for sent mail.
The desired folder must be already created.

BritTim 6 Nov 2017 06:14 PM

As @gardenweed says, the main way this is dealt with is by using Identities with filing rules. This, in effect, requires you to think every time you are composing an email, how you want the saved copy of the message to be filed.

One other capability should be kept in mind. An identity can include a bcc. There are two very useful purposes I have used this for in the past. First, and most obviously, it can serve the same purpose as a rule to forward a copy of an incoming email to someone. Less obviously, if you want to set up rules and not need lots of Identities for different situations that you need to consider all the time, there is this trick:
  • Set up your main Identity with a bcc of <you+SentMailMgmt@fastmail>
  • Set up a bunch of Rules that specifically look at only mails to<you+SentMailMgmt@fastmail>
This involves more effort up front, but is more relaxing during routine composing of emails if your email workflow is complex.

Grhm 6 Nov 2017 11:23 PM

Clever stuff.
Thank you, both, for these suggestions.

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