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zaaz777 25 Jun 2009 11:06 PM

Goole Apps Premier
I am testing out the Google Apps Premier.What is the user's opinion about Premier compared to the Standard version.How do I turn off adds in the Premier edition.
Also if anybody can advise me of which is a better servive The Google Premier or The Fastmail Professional the cost being almost the same ie $50 a year for The Google Premier compared to $59.95 for Fastmail Professional

zaaz777 25 Jun 2009 11:17 PM

Google Apps Premier
sorry for the typo error the thread is Google Apps Premier:)

beq 26 Jun 2009 04:16 AM

What I don't like is that Premier Edition accounts still display the vertical sidebar on the right side of the message view screen (which on free accounts is mostly taken up by the text ads). It's true that Premier accounts can choose to disable ads, BUT they cannot remove the sidebar altogether in order to reclaim more space for the actual message content. So Premier accounts end up with a mostly blank (and mostly useless) sidebar space. Whereas Yahoo Mail Plus and Hotmail Plus paid accounts get rid of the right-hand sidebar space (used for ads) altogether.

It's true that in Gmail/Google Apps, the top of the sidebar also contains useful links other than the ads (to open a new window, to print, to expand messages in a thread, etc, and depending on message content, even links to display maps, delivery tracking, and calendar event creation). But for the most part these links take up little space and would have been better placed elsewhere, such as across the top of the message. That way the sidebar can be removed altogether on Premier accounts.

On your own computer, there are ways to get rid of the sidebar space and reposition the useful links, such as via this CSS/Javascript hack. But this method works just as well on free accounts as well as Premier accounts, so that takes away one incentive to even pay for Premier in the first place. And in either case, you're still going to see the sidebar space when you access your account from public or other people's computers.

Aimlink 26 Jun 2009 06:24 AM

The Premiere package offers each account more storage. It's 25+GB per account. This is more than FastMail's Professional Acct. The Standard Google Apps account offers 5or8GB, I'm not sure.

You can toggle off ads in the Domain setup options.

With a Premiere account, you are offered priority support and a telephone number to call in the event of need for tech support. You are also offered a Migration assistant using IMAP if you wish to retrieve all your mail from that of another service.

FastMail's Pro account in excellent. I still have mine since I'm not 100% sure that I'm committed to using Google Apps. FastMail still does all my Domain Hosting and I use it for backup of mail to the domain used for my Google Apps account.

What made me decide to use Google Apps is the GMail interface in terms of its usability as well as support with tools and other apps for synchronising with devices and my Mac apps.

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