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BritTim 22 Oct 2021 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by TenFour (Post 622836)
Sure, but how many do? And, when things go wrong the small provider may very well be asleep, traveling, or otherwise out of touch. There is a rule in flying and boating that applies here too: if something can go wrong, it will, and at the most inconvenient time possible. As a longtime boater we always joke that if the anchor drags it will happen at 2am, and we have not been disappointed!

There is, of course, a counter argument. The smaller services are not a common target for attacks. Anyone organising a massive DDOS operation is much more likely to target Google or Microsoft than a small operation. In the end, the most important factors are (i) is the organisation technically competent? (Fastmail is); and (ii) are they professional? (Fastmail is not terrible, but could be better).

TenFour 23 Oct 2021 01:33 AM

FM on Twitter just now:


Some users are experiencing issues loading images. We are currently investigating.

Terry 23 Oct 2021 07:25 AM

Still down in Aussie.
Dont they have a back up server in another country?

TenFour 23 Oct 2021 07:48 AM

I'm pretty sure their main servers are handled by New York Internet from a New Jersey data center in the United States.


We are currently experiencing a service disruption. We're working to identify the problem and mitigate it

DumbGuy 23 Oct 2021 07:57 AM

It seems this is a new/second outage happening now, beginning about 30mins ago.

Terry 23 Oct 2021 08:13 AM

Back up in Aust

JeffK 23 Oct 2021 09:40 AM

Back down again?

paleolith 23 Oct 2021 09:40 AM

Down again.

JeffK 23 Oct 2021 09:49 AM

it's back for me

paleolith 23 Oct 2021 09:58 AM

Yep, me too.

jerrycable 23 Oct 2021 10:29 AM

It just went down for me. This is getting extremely annoying!

Mystakill 23 Oct 2021 10:32 AM

I canít connect via the app or the web interface here in Baltimore.

mikev99 23 Oct 2021 10:37 AM

Everything Down but Status
Pretty much everything down for me -- no Thunderbird, no web, no mobile. Status needs updating.

JeffK 23 Oct 2021 10:52 AM

yep gone again for me. Timing is bad. I'm trying to prepare my Surface Pro for a trip away and I need access to my emails to install some apps.

First world problem but I'll throw something through the TV is the Red Sox lose the MLB today!!!

DumbGuy 23 Oct 2021 11:07 AM

It's been up and down sporadically for me the past few hours. I'm at my desktop and am glad I have POP setup on my account. When I notice access is temporarily restored, I download the latest batch of emails into Thunderbird, then read at my convenience. Calendar updates locally in TB sync up to FM via CalDAV occasionally.

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