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astrodog73 8 Oct 2020 05:13 PM

https: access in 'Files'
I'm not sure even how to word this!
It seems that Chrome (at least) now chokes on images I host on fastmail filespace, if that image is directly embedded in a page at https:xxxxxxx. I'm told it is likely due to a perceived security risk with the http: nature of the filespace.
Is something fastmail is looking at??
In website options I can't change to HTTPS, as "This is currently only available for websites at custom domains.".

I'd like to still be able to use my filespace, it is very convenient, but this is something that has become a problem.....
Thanks for reading....

JeremyNicoll 8 Oct 2020 09:20 PM

You need to raise this with Fastmail as a support ticket.

People here are just users, and there's little chance that anyone from FM will read your question here.

BritTim 9 Oct 2020 02:37 AM

I thought I had tested this in the past. Have you tried something like<youruser> changing to the appropriate domain?

n5bb 9 Oct 2020 08:16 AM

Secure https: access is a standard feature which was added two years ago. See:

When you create (or edit) a website in the Files>Websites area, you are given this choice:

Securely encrypt all communication with this site
This is currently only available for websites at custom domains.

As noted above, the only way this will work is if you own your own (custom) domain. Fastmail then automatically handles the security certificate for you. I have been using this feature since it was introduced.


Grhm 10 Oct 2020 08:18 AM

Fastmail's web-site functionality used to be fantastically useful for a variety of purposes, but, unfortunately, at the same time that they introduced the 'https' thing they introduced an arbitrary upper limit on the number of web addresses any user can have, of 100. That's 100 total pages per user, not 100 per domain. That limit has rendered it pretty much useless, sadly.

astrodog73 26 Oct 2020 06:52 PM

Thanks for the replies, as I have my own domain, this turned out quite easy, but I just have a bunch of file shifting/link changing to do....

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