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genegold99 19 Jan 2019 03:42 AM

New design problems on iPad MIni
The new design showed up on my iPad Mini yesterday, where I use (or was using) the website version (Safari). There are some problems I mentioned in the Changes to Web Interface thread (pg 4). I'll mention them here again, but mainly this is about the way a specific email is showing now on the Mini. I'm not sure how to add a couple of screenshots here, so here's a link:!AqsCKHVTj0ydnWOhVS5FnRCsI1t-

Previously ("classic" version) the list of messages at the top of the email under Contents would show as a similar list in the lower part of the email with links for View and Download underneath each. Now, as you can see, there's no more list and no identifiers to the specific items, just a series of buttons no longer list style all named Eml.eml. That makes things harder.

As for the other problems I referred to, I'd very much prefer a choice to revert to classic view, but absent that here they are:

- I'm not seeing a box or anything that allows "choose all" for a folder anymore. Is there something there for that? Helpful for deleting the contents of a folder.

- From a functional standpoint, I would much prefer the buttons at the bottom right (More, Move to, etc.) be up top, which is where the text of most emails is and one primarily works. But if you insist on them being at the bottom, it would be helpful if they were placed over to the left center and reordered for more likely common use - e.g., Delete, Spam, Move to, etc. - rather than all being farthest away from where one is working (stylus for me) in the right corner.


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