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micketlaa 16 Apr 2018 02:05 PM

helo everyone
s there any way to prevent (or significantly delay) the automatic logout from Webmail, at least on an account-by-account basis?

Using the two-factor feature, plus keeping my account passwords encrypted on my computer, makes it rather of a pain to have to log in more than once a day. Ideally Webmail would stay logged in until I manually log out or shut down the browser.

Background: My intention is to use Webmail primarily for a sub-account that is not intended to be very secure but will carry a lot of routine traffic. (I would normally use an email client with POP3/SMTP for the main account and for a second sub-account that carries business and personal traffic.) I could probably use an alias as this not-very-secure email address, but I need to retain it indefinitely as a reference for the many forum, support, and other, more sensitive site logins that I have come to depend on.

The above has been my customary operating procedure with the old email provider/ISP, but they have become too unreliable to tolerate any longer. If there's a better procedure, however, I'd be glad to be educated. Perhaps my customary approach doesn't make any sense with Runbox? -- jclarkw.

janusz 17 Apr 2018 02:52 AM

You asked this question before

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